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Who’s Lying To You?

We are constantly lying to ourselves and others.  We create these elaborate stories that we tell ourselves and we tell others and that story that you thought about, that story that others told you comes from our Inner Critic, our Prince of Lies, our Ego, our Voice of Knowledge or any number of other names it calls itself.

That voice that speaks to us in a way that we would quite likely never speak to another human being.  It is judgemental, critical, unkind and full of lies.  The voice doesn’t go anywhere and it never stops.  In this day of social media, religion, various authority figures, school, parents, friends, peers, employers etc, we give this voice all the ammunition it needs to rip us apart from the inside out.

The voice never stops and the odd thing is, it is not even real even though we can hear it.  Is it separate from you, well it must be because if it was the same as you, I mean if it was you, then when it is talking, who is listening?  No, this voice is separate from you…it is not you!  It can speak your language so you can hear and understand its lies however; integrity has not language, spirit has no language, the truth has no language they simply are.  You know when you know the truth because you can simply feel it.

The voice of the liar is loud and sounds like an orchestra of voices all talking to you at once and can you hear what they are saying?  Look at you, you are not good enough; what makes you think you can do that; you are not attractive enough; you are not smart enough; you don’t have what it takes; nobody understands me; everything bad happens to me; I am not loveable; nobody wants to be with me; does anyone really like me?; they are talking about me; I will never be happy; what have I done to deserve this.  Any of this sounding familiar?

We spend so much time focusing on the lies of what we are not that we give no focus to what and who we are.  We don’t see the beauty of our souls, our minds and our bodies because we are listening to a bunch of lies telling us what we should be and what we must aspire to be.   SAYS WHO?  Who says we have to be those things, other liars?  The voice in our head?  The voices in their heads? Is that who we are letting decide for us? Really?

The liar, the voice of the prince of lies in your head, is criticizing you, judging you, talking nonsense and constantly gossiping inside your head.  So where is this voices information coming from?  What makes that voice an authority on you?  You do…because you listen to the lies and treat them as truths.  The lies come from your head and from others around you.  What voices are those others listening to when they give you their words of wisdom?  Are they listening to the voices in their head, their liars?

Every time we have conflict it is because we are either believing our own lies in our head or the lies of others, the liars in their heads.  We are having conflict over things that are not true.  We believe our lies so we can’t see the truth and that leads us to make a million assumptions based on lies leading to more lies.

Do you know who you are?  I mean, do you know who you really are or do you focus on what you are not.  Most of us focus on what we are not and we can’t do and we believe this about ourselves, we believe that we are that image that we have created based on untruths.  If you took away all the lies…who are you?  Do you know?  Do you want to know?

What are some of the symptoms or outcomes of the lies; fear, anger, jealousy, sadness, hatred, feeling unconnected, depression and the list goes on and on.  The voice can make you afraid to live and to express yourself, your light, your truth.

When you hear the truth, you know it.  No one has to convince you because you can feel it.  There is no judgement in the truth, no conflict because the truth will set you free.  Simply because you hear a voice telling you something, whether it is in your own head or coming out the head of another, it does not make it the truth, in fact, chances are it is a lie.  If you don’t believe that voice, well then guess what?  That voice will not have any power over you.  When you don’t believe that voice in your head, you give it no power and you can become who you were meant to be, the genuine authentic you.

Is it that easy? Not really, there are some steps that must be taken to undo some of the scars left by the lies as well as learning how to tame that voice and not hear the lies anymore.  Remember the voice in your head doesn’t really exist, it is not real but it has power over your life.  You gave it the power because you thought it was real, and the beauty is you can take it away because you are the one in control.  You are the driver of your life, not that liar, not the critic, not the voice of knowledge that spews out untruths and manipulates you.

How many times have you done something when something deep in your gut was quietly intuitively telling you to do something else entirely only to find out later that you should have listened to the quiet inner wisdom…your inner wisdom rather than that loud lying sack of garbage?  That liar is playing games with you and taking you where it wants to go which is nowhere good 98% of the time.  Sometimes it comes up with a brilliant idea but most of the time it is crap…nothing good.

So now that we have established that you are being lied to most of the time…how do you tame the voice?  It is possible and will take some work.  Remember you have listened to this voice for year and years, moment after moment, second after second, it will take some work on your part but it can be done absolutely.

The first step is to want it…to really want the quiet of your own space, your own inner wisdom.  And, if you must speak to yourself then tell yourself how great you are, how smart and how beautiful and how genuine. Let’s face it, if you don’t like what someone is saying to you, you can walk away but unfortunately you can’t walk away from yourself or can you?  Can you escape yourself, your lies and self abuse?  Hmmmm…yes to a point, you can certainly tame the voice and take control rather than being controlled by it, the thing that doesn’t really exist.

When you can stop the lying voice from talking, you will find an inner peace, a silence, a stillness and in that there is strength. 

When clients come to see me, I teach them several methods for taming the voice, for reeling it in.  They learn how to distinguish between the lies and the truth and not only their own but others lies and truths as well. How to learn to listen to all the stories and be able to do this and still understand that most of them are shrouded in lies and therefore be able to see the stories with a clarity.  When you really listen, respect the story you are hearing,  the communication with yourself and others will improve greatly.

There is a difference between listening and believing…do you know the the difference?  Knowing what you know now and what I have said here, do you know the difference between a lie and the truth?  When you know something is a lie and there is no truth to it, it can’t hurt you.  You can’t take it personally because it has nothing to do with you, you don’t believe it.

It is time to learn to stand in your light and get out of the darkness.  We spend so much time afraid of our light, afraid of who we truly are and who we were meant to be.  Learn to let go of the darkness and be who you were meant to be regardless of what others say, regardless of the lies around you.  The beauty of the truth is that it will survive your skepticism and it will be obvious.  The truth is so authentic that it needs no one to believe it and it will still remain the truth.  Lies simply disappear when no one believes them.

Truths like the sun is in the sky everyday, the earth is round, we need air to survive, blood courses through our veins…these are truths that whether we believe them or not, survive.  When you are told the truth, it will be obvious, you will know.  Believing lies make people feel safe, we base our reality on them but when you can prove what you are hearing is a lie, you are no longer afraid.

For those of you that would like to learn how to stop the lies, feel free to contact me.  Let’s talk truth!