What Our Clients Say...
Healing Her Father that Passed Away Years AgoToday I feel such a beautiful and happy release.  I felt emotions I forgot I could have.  The tears were real but so was the happiness.  I found my place in my dad's life and heart and know that he is with me.  I am so grateful that I was able to take this journey to a new happy and fulfilled me- Ingrid K
Some kind words from a few of the attendees of the first "Release the Weight" Event held at the Appleby United Church in Burlington Ontario.I want to move to perfect health and you have given us the tools.  It is up to us to use them.  Thank you for your work - Ruby HowardVery educational, loved it.  Reinforced and brought back what I used to believe - Izabela ChmieleckiI feel awesome!!  - Charmaine MarksI liked it alot.  I actually feel my throat and stomach chakras moving and responding - Pavneet BraichVery good and thank you for reminding me of all this information.  I've lost myself over the last few years and this was perfect timing and what I needed - Rosanne StanburyWas Fabulous...great info - Pamela RobinsonIt was amazing and I've lost 5 pounds already - Maliha (November 9th)  
Very professional and personable.  Enjoyed every part of my experience - Sept 15/2016Very serene atmosphere. I enjoyed it very much - Sept 13/2016The entire experience was wonderful and relaxing - Sept 1/2016
Awesome! This class was amazing! Ayse Hogan is a great instructor. She guided me on my journey through the wonders of reiki! I've learned so much!!Ingrid
I took Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2 with Ayse.  She is a great teacher and thoroughly answered all of our questions.  We all had a great time!  Ayse is very knowledgable and funny which made the classes interesting, and her meditations were very relaxing.   She even provided us with some snacks and read our tarot cards.  The Reiki classes have really helped me develop my spirituality.  I would recommend Ayse's classes to everyone!Shantal
Just wanted to send a quick note to offer my sincere thanks and gratitude for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me during the Reiki level 1 & 2 courses  you held at The Chakra House of Healing. Both sessions were phenomenal and I left each time feeling lighter, happier and healthier. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful, witty and fun Reiki Master to guide me on this journey!
I would highly recommend Ayse to anyone interested in pursuing Reiki as a means of helping themselves and their loved ones! You will not regret it!
I am using the skills you taught me daily and can't wait to complete your next Masters of Reiki course!! Many, many thanks,
"The Chakra House Of Healing has been the ultimate support and guidance in my spiritual growth the last few months. Ayse has such a positive aura that will invite you warmly into her world, and once you're in you will never be the "same"! Looking back, I'm astonished at the difference that I can notice & feel within myself and my surroundings, and now I am truly addicted to this feeling of bliss and inner strength. This is all thanks to The Chakra House Of Healing with Ayse's amazing guidance in meditation. I highly recommend The Chakra House Of Healing. The one-on-one time with Ayse is truly powerful, and with each session you will be walking out with more awareness, strength and inner peace than you ever felt before. Your inner state of being truly affects both your inner & outer world, and I am now a firsthand witness of this change. 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
~Jureena K. June 2016
It was a wonderful and relaxed experience, the ambience was lovely...Ayse was very professional and attentive.. I would recommend the Chakra House of Healing...
Ayse is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her work. She delights in addressing each clients needs with personally (custom) designed treatments. I would recommend The Chakra House of Healing without hesitation.May 2016
Ayse is amazing! After many years of chronic illness, depression, and terrible side effects of medications I had to take. My world is brighter, my thoughts are clearer, and those side effects are nothing like they use to be!  With Ayse's T.W.I.S.T healings, her incredible knowledge, and passion for her clients has given me a new lease on life! I don't know where I would be today without her help!Ingrid
Wonderful experience! Pain relief, relaxation from caring,friendly practitioner Would recommend highly
She's awesome! Insightful, energetic and customizes the treatment to your unique needs.
Very friendly and positive experience, the message was amazing and have already booked to go back for another treatment session. She does more than just massages and is very helpful and kind. Definitely worth the trip and would advise you to do the same if you're suffering from any ailment of the foot or anywhere else for that matter. Very knowledgeable and what she does not know she will go research for you. Great experience.
My son caught a skin virus called Molluscum Contageum, it is from the wart family of viruses.  I took him to the doctors and she said to rip off the white tip and the virus will go away in 6 months to a year if I keep doing this.  OMG being a mother, I would not accept that solution.  I found Ayse and the Chakra House of healing through my sister.  Ayse knew what to do and gave me a mud oil to put on the virus, it has been 3 weeks and there is no sign of the virus.  I cannot thank you enough for your help, I will be going to you first before I look for something medical.  And I will be suggesting you to all of my mom friends.
Tracey Legacey
"Purchased the "OMG Flow", I am partial to having my head massaged and this one was divine."
Deb McGarvey
I wanted to put down my experience in writing of my recent sessions at Chakra house. From the moment I entered your clinic I felt a sense of ease and comfort. For me, this step in my life was very different from anything I had tried before and I can't say enough, how feeling relaxed right from the beginning, made my decision feel right!I struggle with confidence and wanting to please others and yet I am genuine in everything I do in my life. The sessions of TWIST Healings allowed me to gain an invaluable skill that I can use from now on! This skill has already improved my approach to life and the way I handle my business!Thank you for your time and friendship and I look forward to using other services that you offer in the near future.Yours in friendship,
Heidi Waddell
I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely opportunity to share with you and all the warm people you attracted. Everyone on set was incredibly friendly and open! Thank you for sharing the space and time and I'm sooo excited to see the episode !!! Ahhh and share it !!!
Lisa Berry
I really enjoyed taking part in the Zen break. You have such a lovely home, and such wonderful people working with you! I had a really nice time and was sorry to have to leave so soon. It was really great seeing the Zen break for Groove today! It was really well done 🙂
Kelly Bentley
You continue to inspire me with all your dedication and enthusiasm in helping spread the word about holistic healing. Hats off to you my friend!!
Wendy SawTap Into Your Best
I had my interview with Ayse Hogan for the Chakra House of Healing web TV show recently and have to commend how comfortable Ayse made me feel.The interview was like having a cup of tea and conversation between friends. Ayse never rushed me and tried her best to give positive feedbacks on what she experienced with the products and business I was promoting.I would highly recommend anyone to give this opportunity a GO as Ayse really wants to promote integrative products and services so the public knows there are many choices for a Balanced life. So many ideas and practical applications through her TV show. Furthermore, we all spend money on promoting our passion anyway and Ayse’s pricing is very reasonable.Thank you Ayse. Thank you The Chakra House of Healing
Angela BorgeesHealth Practitioner, Arbonne Consultant
I would like to express my deep gratitude for all Ayse’s support. Even before the show Ayse was well organized and led me step by step in what I needed to provide for her prior to the show & her communication was flawless! Ayse even connected me with a photographer to take my head shots. I was so pleased with the photographs I have been using them in my marketing, website and more. Ayse was extremely supportive and clear about the steps required with deadlines, giving plenty of time to accomplish my goals for the show. The staff involved with the show were very engaging, and extended themselves to create a comfortable atmosphere. Most of all Ayse, I want to thank you for making my first debut seamless. Your attention to detail and your encouragement made for an easy, fun first time experience with the camera. I would encourage others to seek out Ayse’s support and experience the ease and flow in which the process occurred. A great opportunity to share information with the public. Thank you again Ayse!With ongoing appreciation for all that you do to encourage learning about holistic health & wellness!
Simone Usselman-TodWild About Wellness
I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed on The Chakra House of Healing talk show. What a great experience. Ayse created a comfortable natural environment and the video team were fun but very professional. I have had great feedback to the interview and it will be an excellent resource for my practice.
Barbara PtakWellness Balancing
An opportunity to reach the masses can never be turned down. So when Ayse Hogan of The Chakra House of Healing asked me to be a part of her show the answer was a resounding YES! The entire experience was fulfilling. Everything from the set to the video producers created a comfortable environment. Ayse’s presence is conversation inducing and the flow while filming is so natural. It was like have a chat with a dear friend. Being a part of The Chakra House of Healing is something I have recommended to others and will continue to do so in the future.
Jodie Tessier
Thanks Ayse for the great reflexology treatment. I felt safe and the treatment was wonderful. I felt more balanced and stable by the time I left. I will be back. With your deep knowledge of energy, wellness, and over all well being, there is so much more I can learn from you. Thank you again for an amazing session. Looking forward to me next session.
Tree Ryde
My healing journey began over a year ago after I realized I had never completely gotten over some painful childhood experiences. My mom had never healed from her own childhood trauma and this negatively impacted her parenting skills. After having two energy healings in Oakville and one in Sedona, Arizona, I soon realized that I could heal even more by gaining a greater understanding of my mom’s childhood. So I began to write my mom’s story of her childhood with her help, and through this process, I discovered that to fully heal, it would help for me not only to forgive my mom for her parenting challenges, but to also forgive my mom’s father, who murdered my mom’s mother when she was eight. Ayse helped me a great deal with this forgiveness journey during a past life regression. During my PLR (Past Life Regression), I imagined myself speaking to my grandfather and forgiving him.The week before, my Reiki healing with Ayse, I had a sample healing at the Wholistic Wellness Expo in Burlington. During this sample healing, I learned that my grandfather’s soul was with me and that he didn’t know how to a get to a better place. This was quite an emotional experience for me: one that I had never imagined I would ever be in. When the healer finished helped release my grandfather’s spirit, I burst into tears and then I heard the words in my mind, “Good Bye.”A week later, during my Reiki healing with Ayse, I felt a gentle presence of spiritual energy. And at one point, I suddenly I felt the urge to smile and then I broke into a quiet laugh: at the time, I wasn’t quite sure why. I knew that whatever this feeling was, it was a very positive one. As Ayse continued with my Reiki healing, my body went into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation and exhilarating very conscious trance like state. It was such a powerful feeling that when my Reiki treatment was finished it took me a while before I could move.The most interesting part was when Ayse mentioned that she had a vision of a lady with short dark hair right when she was healing my heart chakra: this was right when I felt like smiling. I couldn’t imagine who this was until just before I went to sleep that night. Then I remembered who this lady with short dark hair was: I had never met this lady, but my mom had explained to me while I was writing about her childhood that her father’s mom was very sad when she found out her son had committed murder and was put in jail. I believe that my great grandmother was sharing her happiness with me that her son’s soul was now lifted to a better place.I appreciate the wonderful part Ayse has played in my healing journey. She is a special gift to our whole family. Thank you Ayse!
Lorie Gelsheimer
Thank you so much for your past life regression. I appreciate you helping me in such an incredible way to heal beyond my expectation. The day we met, I knew right away that you have a beautiful passionate spirit and I could tell immediately that you have a powerful presence. I can imagine you with your own show on television or radio. I can see you as someone people will want to listen and learn from! It’s exciting to be a part of your journey to a fulfilling life! I would like to buy two more of your services. I’d like your suggestion as to which two I should choose. And we can set dates when you are free.You have the voice and the extroverted personality and a genuine warm heart! I can picture as having a wide and very persuasive audience.Now that I’ve witnessed your special talent for past life regression, I am in truly in awe! If people knew how multi talented you are, and how much you can help inspire, encourage and heal them, they’d be lined up at your door. Anytime you want to get together for a glass of wine at your house, my house or at a restaurant, let me know. I feel honoured to have you as my healing helper and my friend. I fell asleep very early last night and slept like a baby. I think a lot was happening during my sleeping hours, but I have no recollection of it, whatever I experienced during that time was very positive.
Lorie Gelsheimer
Thanks for the past life regression session. The time together was unrushed and the environment very calming. I am a newbie into regression work and arrived not being too certain about what to expect but everything was explained and put me at ease. I will definitely return to explore my past further! Thanks!
Matt Scherb
I received a one hour session from Ayse Hogan in April 2015; I felt she was very professional in conducting the whole experience. I felt comfortable and fully aware of answering her questions throughout our session together.It was a positive experience for me as I discovered more ‘pieces’ of myself and the biggest moment for me was when she asked me the final question before we ended our session –it gave me input as to the ‘WHY’ I came to this Life – Thank YOUAyse; may you continue to help others in their journey
Angela Borgeest
I have had wonderful experiences with Ayse in past life regression sessions and learned a lot of things about this subject. I have also enjoyed her guided meditations on a regular basis. Her guided meditations have brought me deep relaxation and allow me to see and experience much. I highly recommend Ayse and her services.
Kelly Bentley
Joy Marcotte, Lomilomi PractitionerI attended a group hypnosis by Ayse Hogan because one of the meetups I attend was having a special group hypnosis evening. I didn’t give it much thought other than anticipating a fun, social evening. Well, It turned out to be all of that and so much more. Not only was it a fun, laughter-filled evening, but I also received some very profound information about who I am and the journey I am on. We began with Ayse explaining the whole process which made us all feel safe and comfortable. She explained that this would be a guided hypnosis meditation and we may remember all of it, none of it or pieces of it depending on many things…how relaxed we were, how open we were to the idea of hypnosis, our brain activity at the time (ie. alpha or theta stages) etc. Then she took us on a beautiful journey into an imaginary world that revealed many things to us. Although we were all guided on the same journey, we all had unique experiences that we shared with the group afterwards. Our discussion allowed me to see other perspectives and it prompted me to reach another level of awareness of the choices I made during my journey. Thank you Ayse for sharing this powerful tool with us.
Joy MarcotteLomilomi Practitioner