Sharing Knowledge is My Reward

Coaching clients in private sessions is rewarding and I wouldn't change that for anything; however, the passion of teaching has always been a fire burning in my soul. 

So starting in 2015, that is what I begun doing.  My goal is not only to teach other facilitators from various backgrounds how to implement these powerful tools into their own practices but also to teach as many as possible how they can continue their own self healing.  

Accredited Hypnosis Training

This is an intensive 160 hr. certification program which includes 120 hrs. face to face training and 40 hrs. of practical training.


Extensive course that gives the student a firm foundation

Several Techniques, Tips & Strategies

Includes Virtual Gastric Band and Regression Workshops

Loads of practical work


Enhanced Energy Communication is an awesome, powerful  and proven effective protocol to communicate with your body & your energy. Your body & energy never lie. Discover what strengthens & weakens you.


Released Unsettled Emotions

Wolf Integration - Working with sub-personalities

Reprogramming Limiting Beliefs

Interpreting Dream Messages

Energy Healing of Toxic Relationships

Surrogacy Healing for People (Here and Transitioned) & Animals

Metaphysical Hypnosis

Humans are made up of layers and as Clinical Hypnosis works with the subconscious and conscious mind; Metaphysical goes deeper into the spirit and energy.


Past Life Regression Workshop

Entity Release Workshop (Releasing Attachments)

Akashic Clearing (An Advanced Past Life Regression Technique)


Reiki Certifications available not only in Usui Reiki but Shamanic Reiki as well


Become an Energy Channel

Powerful Self Healing Technique

Gentle healing energy that is vital for purging negative energies

Interpreting Dream Messages

Energy Healing of Toxic Relationships

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