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Body Hypnosis Webinar

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Autogenics A.K.A. Body Hypnosis This technique was developed by Johannes Schultz, a neuropsychiatrist, and introduced to the public in the early 1920’s; however it can be traced to the 1800’s. I could give you all the medical and clinical terminology but how about I break it down into dominoes.   Our body has created habits when we get the first sign …

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Rochester New York EEC Training

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Rochester New York EEC Training 4 Day Training Dates March 9-10 and 16-17/2019 (Required Stabilization Time In Between Dates) $800 USD/Person for All 4 Days  ($200 Required Upon Registration) Identify and Release Unsettled Emotion Find and Reprogram Self Limiting Beliefs Integrate Lost or Released Sub Personalities End Recurring Dreams, Nightmares and Night Terrors Powerful in healing Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Trauma & PTSD …