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EEC Training – Indianapolis, Indiana

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Indianapolis, Indiana EEC Training – Part 1 2 Day Training This is my own protocol that I have put together and it is constantly growing and maturing. With Part 1 of this 3 Part Training is Release and Change   This course is about release and change…release what keeps us in our darkness and change the beliefs that keeps us …

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Depression, Stress, Anxiety and Fear in Our Children

This is serious business and is growing in our children at an exponential rate  At the Chakra House of Healing we specialize in dealing with children and teaching them how to get back to being the wonderful children and young adults that they were meant to be with self-esteem, confidence and strength to move forward and take on what life has …

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Confidence in Meditation

Part 1 You may not realize this but you already have more confidence then you might think.  You are the leader of your own life, even if you are not making the right decisions for yourself, you are still leading your life and making your decisions.  To lead your life in the best way possible, you need to be a …