Take back your life, without leaving home!

Tired of having to say “I’m sorry, I can’t” when it comes to doing what you want, when you actually want to do it?

Frustrated because you really want to be there for the people you love and hate having to cancel plans at the last minute, but sometimes you just know you’ve pushed yourself past the point of no return and simply have to stop right now?

Sad because you hate seeing the disappointment on their faces when you can’t keep your social and other commitments … even though you desperately wanted to?


It’s true, no matter how hard you try to pretend, there are those times when the impossible reality of your pain and discomfort are written all over your face.

Or worse, your credibility is being questioned and people believe you’re just putting on an act or looking for attention since you certainly don’t look sick!  Struggling with the “Invisible Disorder”?

You’re struggling with the symptoms of fibromyalgia, depression, trauma, pain and never know when it’s going to hit and ruin your day…again!

Millions of fibromyalgia sufferers agree, it totally sucks!

I see you. I hear you. And I believe you too!

Did you know fibromyalgia is one of the most common chronic pain and depression conditions? The disorder affects an estimated 10 million Americans and an estimated 3-6% of the world population. And 75-90 percent of those who have it are women! (Although it can also affect men and children too, is often seen in families, and no ethnic group is spared.)

Chronic pain and fatigue are no joke. Sleepless nights, brain fog, paralysing anxiety and depression… No one chooses to be in your situation or dealing with any of these things, not to mention the other challenges fibromyalgia brings.

And I’m sure there are days when it seems like it’s all too much to bear.

Maybe you’ve just got to accept that this is your life now. God knows you’ve seen enough doctors, specialists and other professionals who insist on telling you one of two myths:

MYTH #1: It’s all in your head and there’s nothing medically wrong with you or …

MYTH #2: It’s all in your head and there’s nothing that can be done for you so you’ll just have to live with it as best you can for the rest of your days as it gets worse with time.

You’ve probably heard one or both of those stories a few times and from many people at some point … those are the two most popular stories out there, aren’t they?

But dispel these myths, and I promise you are going to like this a lot better too.

Say goodbye to fibromyalgia suffering forever…

Fibromyalgia is holding your life hostage right now, but after successful treatment working with me, you won’t have to feel this way ever again!

How do I know this? And who am I to be telling anyone anything?

My name is Ayse Hogan.

I own a holistic wellness clinic called The Chakra House of Healing and have successfully treated many people suffering from fibromyalgia just like you.

Before working with me, they were struggling with a great many of the same life-changing disturbances that you’ve been dealing with every day.

And they come to me expecting their fibromyalgia will get worse over time, but it doesn’t have to be that way for them or you.

If you are open to and willing to do the deep work needed to heal yourself …

If you are ready to do whatever it takes to free yourself from fibromyalgia forever …

I can definitely help you!  Not to mention, I am a survivor of chronic depression, deep emotional pain and even planned the end of my life.

You don’t have to be held hostage by your body like many others with fibromyalgia believe is their fate. Simply choose instead to put an end to it! Once and for all!

Take your first step to fibromyalgia freedom now…

Seriously! It IS possible. I know that is true.

You are only one decision away from leading a different life than you are now.

Start by booking a free consultation with me to discuss your experience with fibromyalgia and how it’s affecting every aspect of your day.

Working with me to achieve your goal of taking back your life can be your last stop on the path to saying goodbye to fibromyalgia suffering forever.

You see, I’ve developed a unique method of identifying the root causes of dis-ease and quickly and permanently eliminating them at the source.

My protocol is called Enhanced Energy Communication (EEC) and I explain what it is, what it does, and how it works for you in the video below:

But I’m not expecting you to take my word for it.

Here are some real-life success stories from clients who used to where you are right now:

Having had fibromyalgia for nearly 25 years, I feel blessed for finding the help I needed to overcome this illnesses greatest challenges.

Like many with fibromyalgia I suffered with IBS, migraines and constant, aching pain so intense at times that it felt like my bones would break.

I’ve been working with Ayse for almost a year now and my experience has been life-changing. I came to Ayse with a lot of anger and aggression issues, plus a whole lot more. At a young age of 23 it was starting to affect my life and others hugely-to a point I didn’t know what was going to happen anymore.

I had a very positive experience with Ayse… I signed up for 10 counseling sessions and as a result my self confidence grew and I learned how not to have childhood experiences rule my self confidence … I plan on weaning off my antidepressants as a result… Ayse will give you the tools to be happy and enjoy your life…

The most important thing you need to know about EEC though is, whether your treatment sessions are online (as most clients prefer) or in person, it works.

Fast. And your results are permanent.

By that I mean you’ll be:

  • Letting go of widespread pain, that burning sensation and those strikes of stabbing pain the come at you out of nowhere
  • Saying goodbye to extreme physical fatigue and mental tiredness
  • Sleeping comfortably and restfully through the night, every night
  • Clear-headed and will have forgotten all about what fibro-fog even feels like
  • Thinking about digestive problems, headaches, sensory sensitivities, stiffness and mood swings as distant memories, not constant companion
  • Thrilled to be free of the anxiety, depression and stress that used to be paralysing for you

Sound good? It. IS. Good.

That’s why I call it transformational self-healing. And it’s better than good … IT. IS. GREAT!!

The power of transformational self-healing is yours forever!

We both know that in today’s stressful world you’re expected to hide your flaws and put a smile on even when dealing with disabling physical pain.

Because, to others, you don’t look sick–even when you truly are!

Seeing more specialists and taking meds doesn’t always bring healing. Indeed, the more you see and do, the more frustrated you can become feeling you’re not being taken seriously and knowing nothing you’ve tried to this point has brought lasting relief!

I can teach you how to permanently take back your life so you can live and work fully and on purpose! 

Once you’ve learned how to use my methods and self-healing protocol, you won’t be needing my help (or anyone else’s) ever again because you’ll know exactly what to do, when and why forever.

That’s the transformational power of self-healing!

And it costs you nothing but an hour of your time to book a free consultation call with me to talk about how you can learn to do it for yourself whenever you need it.

I have been helping people who’ve lost their mojo, for whom life itself is “meh” and those who have been struggling with fibromyalgia and other forms of disabling physical pain or deep emotional pain for many years now in my clinical practice.

My clients want to experience joy and be fully productive again, and are ready and committed to making change, but haven’t been able to overcome their mental blocks and barriers to recovery – the deeply rooted cause of their woes and dis-ease – including fibromyalgia!

In our work together you’ll learn how to identify, release and test your triggers, eliminate self-limiting beliefs and regain control over your body, mind and energy.

My Enhanced Energy Communication Protocol works on multiple levels to restore balance and harmony by returning every one to homeostasis.

And it’s not the only tool I teach you to use either. You’ll leave my fibromyalgia treatment program with an entire toolkit specific to supporting your unique needs.

Better still, you do not have to come to my Southampton, Ontario clinic in person for your sessions. Most clients work with me directly online, without having to leave home.

Curious to know more?

The best time to book your free consultation was yesterday. The second-best time is now!

Let’s talk about how we can potentially work together to make a happy ending for your fibromyalgia story too. Here’s one last chance to click the button and book your free consultation with me today!