Do You Struggle with Grounding your Money Esteem – Money Rules and How to Organize your Bills? Solutions Revealed In This Blog Post!

You Got Yourself Into This Mess, You Can Get Yourself Out  


Money Rules

FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE: Make enough money so that you can pay your bills every month and live your life without financial fear.  This is a do what it takes rule, if you need to find additional income streams for awhile, then that’s what you, no excuses.  You defeat your own life’s purpose and completely unground yourself when you get stressed, compare yourself to others that are in a better financial situation, get depressed and are sending the wrong messages out into the universe. Remember complaining about “Scarcity, brings Scarcity”.  You must change the way you think!! Think and Believe Abundance.  STOP ACCEPTING YOUR SITUATION AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT…I CAN SHOW YOU HOW!!

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SAVE FOR RETIREMENT AND A RAINY DAY: Put a portion of your earnings aside for your retirement and to safeguard against a time where you may lose your income, such as a job loss or illness.  Stuff happens in life, it is inevitable sometimes and beyond your control.  Here’s a question, would you be able to survive 1 month without working, how about 2 or 3??.  Time to set up a rainy day fund.  The damage that we do to ourselves spiritually, mentally, and physically when we are not prepared is HUGE!!  Let’s Talk!!

Ayse Hogan - Saving for Rainy Day

LEGAL AFFAIRS: Wills and Powers of Attorney. Get your legal affairs in order. Write your will and assign a power of attorney for your assets and your health.  Do you even know what a Power of Attorney is??  Google it!! We all know what a Will is, but do you have a Power of Attorney??  Do you have Children?  What happens to them if you end up incapacitated…who is caring for you children, your alcoholic Aunt who you can’t stand??  What if you and your spouse go out for dinner one night and you “knock on wood” end up in an accident and you both cannot look after the children for an extended period of time…what happens to them then??  Your Will doesn’t kick in, so now what???  Stop Reading and Call a Lawyer Now!!!  I’m giving you a worst case scenario here, but stuff can happen that is beyond your control, BE PREPARED AND GET GROUNDED!!!  This is how you present yourself to the world around you!!


SAVE FOR YOUR DREAM: Once you have the first three parts of the plan together, you can start saving for your dream. Think from the End!!!  Decide where you want to end up and believe that it will happen, once you carve out your destination, the rest is easy, it’s simply arriving there.  Let me show you how to change the way you think and some great techniques to allow you to achieve your Life’s Purpose.  The main thing…You Must Believe!!

Ayse Hogan - Organizing Your Files

How To Organize Your Bills

  • If you don’t have a filling cabinet go out and buy one or those plastic file boxes, hanging folders, file folders, tabs and labels!
  • Determine two dates during the month when you will pay your bills. For example the 10th and 25th. You need to formulate a routine. You will pay your bills no matter what on these days.
  • Create files. The first two files will be for the bills to be paid on the dates you commit to (ie. to be paid on the 10th, to be paid on the 25th). The rest should be labelled according to each of your bills (ex. Visa Bills, Phone Bills, Bay Card, etc.) Your bills should not go into their individual files until after they have been paid.
  • When your bills arrive, open them immediately and check them. Go through all of your expenses to make sure they are accurate. Place each bill in the appropriate “to be paid” file, based on their due date.
  • Mark your bills as PAID after your bill payment day and sort them into their appropriate files.

Tip: There is no excuse for late payments. Treat your bills seriously or risk seriously damaging your financial future and getting on your life’s path.