The Hero’s Strategy Session

Are you ready to take responsibility for your health?  Are you ready to become the Expert of your life and Find Your Purpose?

This is a complimentary 1 hour session where we begin putting that strategy together.  Each person is as unique as their story, the story that we have become a victim to.  Now its time to be the hero, to find your super powers and your purpose.  Book this session and find out how.

During this no-obligation strategy session, you get to share your old story for the last time.  I am going to show you how we are going to use that story and its lessons to create your new reality.

Let me know what works best for you by clicking one of the buttons below to set up your complimentary chat.

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Transform Your World

12 Private Customized Sessions held via Zoom or In-House

As outlined in our consultation, these sessions will begin your journey to your true potential and freedom from your struggles and challenges.

12 sessions are included with this personalized package

  • Integrative Neuroplastic Technique that will heal your mind, your body and your energy
  • Enhanced Energy Communication Protocol Implementation
  • Customized Clinical, Alchemical & Body Hypnosis
  • Breathing & Body Strengthening Techniques
  • Learn accurate and portable tools to self- diagnose and make the required changes as required
  • Supplement Regimen for the duration of the plan delivered to your door

*Ask about payment plan options

Quick and Dirty

5 – 1 hour sessions that you can think of as a deep satisfying taste of what’s is available to you.

And…some struggles and challenges are not as deep as others and 5 sessions may be all you need

You will receive 5 sessions along with your complimentary consultation.

Please note that should you wish to upgrade your current package, it will be discounted by what you have already purchased.

Empowerment and Enlightenment Mentorship Package

Please begin this journey by booking your Complimentary Consultation and let’s chat about what you want.

Some of you have dealt with much of your past and are looking towards the future and a way to find path and purpose, to discover or nurture your own specialties.

Ready for this 10-session package to answer all your unanswered questions using various methodologies that work with your mind, your body and your energy.
As humans we are multi-level being and to get our answers we must work with all those levels. 

The Ultimate Rebirth

36 Private Customized Sessions held via Zoom or In-House

As outlined in our consultation, the goal is your rebirth from your existing challenges and symptoms.

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions depending on your preferred intensity with 2 additional on-demand 15 minute phone sessions per month.

Learn and Implement Trusted and Reliable Techniques and Methodologies

• Accurate Self Analysis and Self Diagnosis techniques
• Trigger Release Protocol
• Changing Self Limiting Belief Protocol
• Reintegration Protocol
• Realignment Protocol
• Reliable Self-Hypnosis & Body Hypnosis Techniques
• Personalized Nourishment Solutions
• Supplementation Education
• Breathing and Body Strengthening Techniques
• Customized Alternative Integrative Neuroplasty Techniques
• Clinical, Alchemical & Body Hypnosis Sessions
• NLP & Solution- Oriented Talk Sessions
• Intense Energetic Balancing and Realigning

Additional Bonuses as Outlined

• Supplement Regimen for the duration of the plan delivered to your door
• Mini-Library of 4 essential reads delivered to your door
• Body Strengthening Equipment delivered to your door with required instruction
• Weekly Hypno-Meditation Audio Series
• EEC Protocol Training Series and Manual for your continued Self Healing
• 2 additional on-demand 15 phone sessions and 2 additional 30 minute follow up maintenance sessions