1 on 1 – Reiki Training

Ayse Hogan is excited to offer personalized 1 on 1 Reiki Training. Reiki Levels I, II and Master/Teacher will be offered to all interested students on an individual basis. Traditional Usui Reiki will be taught in all levels and in the Reiki/Master Level, Tibetan symbols are also taught.

Over the years, many have wanted instruction, however due to our busy lifestyles getting students into a class has been a challenge due to prior committments, difficulty with daycare for the day(s) etc. Ayse decided that this traditional healing practice is amazing, wonderful and versatile and needed to be made available to students in other venues. She offers this course both online and in-clinic, in segmented 2 hours classes.

Reiki I and II are in 4 – 2 hour classes each and the Master/Teacher training is in 8 – 2 hour classes. Not only will you learn all the required material for these certified classes, Ayse will have time to blend it with your own style and help you to make it your own which will be so much easier because she doesn’t have many students to deal with and her time with you is…Just For You!

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