What Our Clients Say...
I have been coming to see Ayse for a few months, and have had some amazing experiences with her! When I started my sessions I didn’t know that much about Reiki, Hypnotherapy or Past Life Regression. I have learned so much valuable information about myself through these techniques, and have been able to understand and overcome many different issues that I have struggled with for a long time. One of the things we have worked on together is finding out what my purpose in life is. After a very interesting and exciting Past Life Regression I now have a better idea of what my purpose is, and I am looking forward to continuing on my spiritual journey to become the best version of myself. Thank you Ayse for all of your wisdom and support!!
Meagan Sylvah
They say that everything happens for a reason. But little did I know when our paths crossed, that you would one day play such an important role in my life. I remember my first session with you. I felt confused and my heart was heavy. As we continued to work together, I felt lighter and more optimistic. You gave me hope and I could see light at the end of the tunnel. Through hypnosis and reiki, you provided me with the space to feel safe and explore the possibilities and to look at things from a different perspective. You’ve taught me the importance to check in with myself and to speak up for what I want. Not only do I feel my life is brighter, but the relationships in my life have really started to blossom. You’ve been someone I can turn to, easily relatable and honest. As I continue to set healthy boundaries for myself, I can see how that is now empowering me and that’s more then I could have ever imagined. I know I have a long and exciting journey ahead of me, but thanks to you I now have new tools to help me along the way. A thousand blessings to you!
Veronica Bento
My healing journey began over a year ago after I realized I had never completely gotten over some painful childhood experiences. My mom had never healed from her own childhood trauma and this negatively impacted her parenting skills. After having two energy healings in Oakville and one in Sedona, Arizona, I soon realized that I could heal even more by gaining a greater understanding of my mom’s childhood. So I began to write my mom’s story of her childhood with her help, and through this process, I discovered that to fully heal, it would help for me not only to forgive my mom for her parenting challenges, but to also forgive my mom’s father, who murdered my mom’s mother when she was eight. Ayse helped me a great deal with this forgiveness journey during a past life regression. During my PLR (Past Life Regression), I imagined myself speaking to my grandfather and forgiving him.The week before, my Reiki healing with Ayse, I had a sample healing at the Wholistic Wellness Expo in Burlington. During this sample healing, I learned that my grandfather’s soul was with me and that he didn’t know how to a get to a better place. This was quite an emotional experience for me: one that I had never imagined I would ever be in. When the healer finished helped release my grandfather’s spirit, I burst into tears and then I heard the words in my mind, “Good Bye.”A week later, during my Reiki healing with Ayse, I felt a gentle presence of spiritual energy. And at one point, I suddenly I felt the urge to smile and then I broke into a quiet laugh: at the time, I wasn’t quite sure why. I knew that whatever this feeling was, it was a very positive one. As Ayse continued with my Reiki healing, my body went into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation and exhilarating very conscious trance like state. It was such a powerful feeling that when my Reiki treatment was finished it took me a while before I could move.The most interesting part was when Ayse mentioned that she had a vision of a lady with short dark hair right when she was healing my heart chakra: this was right when I felt like smiling. I couldn’t imagine who this was until just before I went to sleep that night. Then I remembered who this lady with short dark hair was: I had never met this lady, but my mom had explained to me while I was writing about her childhood that her father’s mom was very sad when she found out her son had committed murder and was put in jail. I believe that my great grandmother was sharing her happiness with me that her son’s soul was now lifted to a better place.I appreciate the wonderful part Ayse has played in my healing journey. She is a special gift to our whole family. Thank you Ayse!
Lorie Gelsheimer