What is Regression & Past Life

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a treasure map that could lead you to a more fulfilling life? This is more a of a reality than you think with Regression and Progression Therapy.

Everyone has so many fantastic stories and so many lessons to learn that will assist them in dealing with their struggles today!!

The purpose of a Regression is to access past events with the intention of better understanding yourself and the experiences that we have in this lifetime. It could be an past event regression in this lifetime or a past life regression.


• Gain profound wisdom through life altering moments
• Resolve Traumatic past events
• Discover who you are and your purpose
• Resolve current relationship issues
• Unravel psychological challenges such as phobias and compulsions
• Heal physical complaints
• Explain mysteries in your life
• Rise above life’s calamities
• Unlock hidden talents
• Experience the joy in realizing your infinite soul
• Gain insight to utilize in this life

A Little More on Past Life Regression

Based on the concept of reincarnation, the rebirth of a soul in a new body can you access to memories from previous lifetimes or those to come. Through these memories or future enlightenment, you can become more aware of the limiting patterns in your life. You will gain a clearer understanding of the reasons for life’s challenges can help you clear them away.

A Regression/Progression session can last anywhere from 2.5 hours and longer as your safety is always of paramount concern and since we don’t know what we will encounter, it is important to make sure that the experience ends on a positive healing note with more wisdom and nuggets of useful information. Practitioner, Ayse Hogan, make sure that you are fully prepared for such a journey in order to make the most of your experience. This can answer many questions as well as aid in your guidance on your journey.

By exposing memories of the challenges we faced in our past lives or future lives, we can unlock an pain that has been locked away inside us, hidden from our view. We can finally let go of any burdens from your past that you may still be holding onto in order to help you move in a positive direction in your life. The experience will be pleasant and soothing, and you will not be trapped in any negative memories.