We Want To Tell Your Story

Hi, I’m Ayse Hogan.

You may remember me as the host on the well-received TV reality show “Maxed Out,” a show about families overcoming their financial challenges that aired on the W Network.

I’m proud to introduce my new show, “Reflections … The Journey.” This show focuses on telling inspiring and empowering life stories about people who have followed an inner path to healing.

“Reflections…The Journey” can be viewed on my Youtube Channel or any of my social media sites.

Each video is approximately 30 minutes in length.  Some stories may actually become a short series as stories take time and we want to make sure we tell the whole story.

We’re looking for epic stories

How did you overcome major hardships, either in childhood or adult life? How have you changed your life, creating one filled with meaning and real purpose, free of negative emotions, attitudes and behaviours. Our show is about inspiring, motivating and empowering viewers — giving them hope, so that they realize they are truly the masters of their destiny.

My co-host Kelly Bentley has devoted more than a decade to learning and practising in all areas of Holistic Health. She is quickly becoming an influential figure, enjoying unparalleled success using cutting edge assessment and treatment techniques, that go well beyond what most medical professionals are doing. Kelly’s easygoing, funny and caring personality is a great asset to “Reflections … The Journey.” 

Reflections The Journey on The Chakra House of Healing

The world is changing

At The Chakra House of Healing, we understand that the world is changing. People want to let go of their emotional, mental and psychological baggage. They need to move forward by finding alternative options for healing: natural and spiritual methods to help them them live lives filled with rich purpose and meaning.

By telling your story with us you will receive:

• FREE! You can link to our YouTube Channel for The Chakra House of Healing’s. You may use this link on your company website or your other sources for marketing and advertising.

• A professional master recording of the show is available for $500. Contact us for more details.

Zen Focus invites Holistic and Alternative Practitioners to share their knowledge

We will create four 4 to 5-minute video blogs in which you will chat about various aspects of healing.

Cost of production for these four video blogs is $400.00; $75.00 for additional segments when they are part of the same shoot. This includes our professional taping that will make your Zen Focus shine.  The YouTube ready master that is for your will also be posted on The Chakra House of Healing blog and our other social media outlets.

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Reflections … The Journey

Free and/or $500 for the Master

Per Video Segment

  • Focusing on Your Story, some stories will be one show 30 minutes and some become a series of 2 or more
  • High Quality Edited Master for Your Own Marketing
  • All Media Postings/Repostings for the Future!

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Zen Focus … Your Video Blog

$400 for 4 Video Blogs

  • 4 Segments of 4-5 Minutes each
    (additional segments $75 if shot in the same session)
  • High Quality Edited Master for Your Own Marketing
  • Article On Ayse Hogan’s Blog, All Media Postings/Repostings for the Future!

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