Muscle Testing & Energy Communication Workshop

Muscle Testing is also known as Energy Testing and Applied Kinesiology.   This is an awesome and effective way to communicate with the energy grid or electrical network of your body. 

This workshop will focus on training you to discover what strengthens or weakens your body.  The beauty of this method is that your body and energy never lie to you, unlike that voice in your head that is always filling you with negativity and self defeating thoughts and lies. 

Who will this course benefit?

  • Those that want to focus on self healing
  • Professionals who want to enhance their practice
  • Refresher for those that want to expand their current testing skills


Become a Detective

Find out what strengthens you or weakens you by asking specific questions and yes or no answers.

Learn how to;

  • Clear Emotions that holding you back
  • Change Self Limiting Beliefs
  • Interpret the messages in your dreams

Access the knowledge within you

By the time you complete this workshop, you will have a clear understanding on how to get all the answers that you need. 

There is a saying that we have all the knowledge within us, so let me show you how to access it and use it to its potential.

And also learn to;

  • Integrate Lost Energies
  • Release Trauma
  • Realign Relationships


Day to Day Life

This technique has huge benefits in your every day life.  Learn what is good for you and not good for you.  Get all the direction you need in your life.  There really is nothing you can’t do with this technique…it will be your very best and trusted friend.


  • Understand if your medications are helping you
  • Learn what foods your body wants
  • Make difficult decisions in your life

One of the most valuable workshops you will ever take

Are You Ready to Register?

This is a 4 day workshop that will be split over 2 weekends due to the self healing effectiveness of this technique.  This will also give you time to integrate and absorb all the information that you will have learned.

The fee for this 4 day – 32 hour workshop is $600.00 (plus hst)

Snacks, water & tea will be provided.

Weekend Dates & Time;

April 7th & 8th/2018

April 21st & 22nd/2018

Time will be 9-5 all days

Will be held at the Southampton clinic

Please note – If you are interested in this clinic in your area, please click here and let me know.