The Gathering

Welcome to this group where we will be doing weekly meditations and journeying.  In this fast paced. multi-tasking world,  it become difficult for many to find that place of quiet or how to create even create quiet…even in the noisiest of situations.

This membership will;

  • Take you on Shamanic Journeys
  • Allow you to Manifest into your life what you want
  • Relieve you of the stress and anxiety of your everyday life
  • Create a place for you to escape.

The beauty of this gathering is that you can do this on your own time and that this time is just for you.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you and taking you to places that perhaps you may have never gone before.

Being a Part of The Gathering automatically enrolls you into;

  • Power of Three found on the Course Page – first 3 sessions are here…hit your healing running!!
  • Guided Meditations
  • Attraction & Manifestation
  • More on the way


Gathering Membership

per month

Welcome to this Brand New Meditation Platform and to being a part of The Gathering