What Reiki Level 2 Teaches

Benefits of Learning Reiki

  • Reiki not only heals the physical body in its present state, it also moves towards healing the root cause to eliminate from the symptoms from returning
  • once attuned to Reiki, it lasts a lifetime and is always with you, no matter what
  • Reiki is a versatile healing art that can easily blend with any other methodology
  • it is not a religious healing and therefore will not conflict with any belief system
  • greater self reliance as you have the ability to heal yourself
  • empowering and promotes love and compassion especially with ongoing use
  • it is an intelligent energy and goes where it is needed the most during the session
  • Reiki is always on and will positively effect anything you touch
  • it will not interfere with western medicine and will assist the body to heal at its optimum rate
  • Reiki is an excellent tool for manifesting outcomes and healing problems
  • Reiki can be used on any living being; animals, plants, children
  • it calms the nervous system, calms fears
  • allows you to always be grounded and protect yourself from negative energies
  • it is always safe and can never harm
  • available 24 hours a day, everyday…you hold it in your hands

Is Reiki Safe?

  • it is the most non-invasive, low impact healing art available
  • receiving Reiki involves no manipulation of the body
  • energy cannot cause imbalance by overuse or by an incorrect application
  • brings about a calm and serene experience for the giver and the receiver
  • flows the bodies ability to heal itself by increasing the life force energy
  • the body becomes better able to fight off infection using its own resources

Am I ready for Reiki II?

  • review Reiki 1 and do you feel inside, that you are ready to take it to the next step
  • review is wonderful because you may see and understand things that you didn’t the first time around
  • here are some questions to ask yourself
    • do I understand the material from Reiki 1?
    • do i utilise self healing?
    • how sincere is my motivation?

I learnt Reiki 1 from another teacher, can I take Reiki II here?

  • first ask yourself what your reasoning is
  • reviews will be done of Reiki 1 here to ensure that you have the foundation that I need for you understand
  • the short answer, is “yes”…it is your life, and your journey, do what feels good for you
  • each teacher brings their own unique spin to it so, unless you love your teacher, as I did mine wholeheartedly, I wouldn’t have dreamt of changing is a personal perference
  • it is your responsibility to choose a teacher who can show you the right Reiki way

Should I wait until I am completely healed before healing other?

  • are you someone who looks after yourself and ignore the welfare of others?
  • do you look after others and ignore yourself?
  • do you neglect your own welfare and the welfare of others?
  • do you look after yourself as well as the welfare of others?

Your answer to this question depends on where you are.  I fall under the fourth option, how about you?