Lotions & Potions

Essential Oils are amazing for assisting with many things, from sleep issues, to kidney pain, to acne remedies, losing weight, dealing with digestive issues, aging skin potions, headaches, severe stress and pain management. Truly the options are endless. The Chakra House of Healing uses various oils, including DoTerra Oils, in its personally researched and created blends.

At The Chakra House of Healing, we work with pure essential oils and remedies to assist what ails you. During your sessions and as the need arises, we will bring in oils to assist you. Or we can even create customized formula blends for you.

Ayse Hogan has been a shaman for many many lifetimes and this comes naturally to her, as does the love of creating these blends.

If you are curious about oils and want to try them, or simply want some remedies made for you, Book a Free 60 Minute Consultation, or discuss it during one of your sessions.

Remember, herbal remedies were around long before conventional medicines and work wonderfully alone, or as an assist to medications that you are already on. The beauty is … no side effects and the benefits are endless.

Come in and talk to us about what you need.