What Our Clients Say...
I wanted to say thanks for another great meditation. I gotta say, I was really feeling the energy build at each Chakra. You have great hypnosis patter :o)
It was a magical experience last night. The energy in the room was so active, and the feeling was just something I’ve never experienced before. Thank you so much for helping me to achieve this!This morning I feel a lot more energized.. I find that I feel very heavy in the mornings and don’t want to move unless I have to haha but this morning I felt more energized and felt lighter …
WOW! I’m am still processing the impact of last nite’s journey.Ayse, thank you for providing a comfortable environment in which I can take mediation to the next level. I could not get there without you as my guide. (and truthfully would not want to go unguided)I am so grateful What a wonderful gift you have. In meeting my guide and knowing his role, is such a powerful journey. With powerful messages left for me to process. Thanks to others who also shared their experiences, a real meaningful connection.