Facial Cupping with Thai Head Massage or Thai Foot Reflexology Combination

Enjoy this soothing & relaxing experience of our facials combined with our Thai Head Massage or with our Thai Foot Reflexology Massage. This is a treatment that will keep you coming back for more.

At The Chakra House of Healing we use medical grade facial cups so there will be no suction marks on your face or neck draining excess fluids and toxins, bringing blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin. We use pure essential oils combined with wonderful carriers specially created for your skin type that are able to penetrate deep into the skin when combined with cupping massage. This traditional anti-ageing treatment is safe, comfortable and highly effective. There are no adverse side effects, lasting marks or recovery time needed from this treatment.

Not only is your skin being treated amazingly but your are also experiencing a lymphatic drainage as the tiny cups are glided over your face, neck, eye and chest areas.

Here are some of the benefits you can achieve with our facial cupping techniques:

  1. Reduce or even eliminate the puffiness around your eyes minimizing under eye bags
  2. Improve the circulation in your face, neck and chest
  3. Plump up your lips
  4. Stimulate creation of collagen and elastin
  5. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  6. Improve the look of your neck and chin area
  7. Smooth the jawline and cheek area
  8. Relieve sinus congestion
  9. Skin looks vibrant and healthy

And if that’s not enough, your facial is followed by a relaxing Thai Head Massage or with a Thai Foot Reflexology Massage.

The head massage will stimulate the blood flow in your scalp combined with a wonderful blend of pure essential oils. These oils are an amazing hair treatment and clear the hair follicles as well as moisturize the scalp.

The foot massage is like massaging your whole body, inside and out from your feet which increases circulation, releases toxins in the organs and reduces aches and pains in the body.
Done regularly and you will look and feel better looking into the mirror. We also make available your own silicone cups to take home and continue your treatments between in clinic treatments as the effects are cumulative and the more you do, the better you look and feel.

Treatment Recommendations

An initial intake consultation is done during your initial session. A Thai Head Massage is included in your treatment. For best results: 6-12 facial cupping treatments recommended 1-2 times per week. Monthly follow- ups recommended to maintain results.


  1. Activates the lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins, cellular waste-stimulates fibroblasts to increase collagen production & elasticity smoothing fine lines.
  2. Increases circulation and absorption of nutrients to the skin
  3. Increases blood lymph to the face brightening lusterless skin
  4. Breaks up deep facial scarring

Other Available Cupping Massages

Initial appointment for all massages types begins with a consultation in order to fully understand your struggle, what you’ve tried and what outcome you would like to obtain. In most cases, we also include medical grade silicone cups for you to take home in order to continue the cumulative effects between sessions. This is all about you and getting you the results you have been wanting.

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