Soul Guru, Ayse Hogan


The Chakra House of Healing
Southampton, Ontario


Mar 23 2019 - Mar 25 2019


Each of the 3 days will begin at 9am and end at approximately 5pm with breaks and lunch
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


$550 CDN - $150.00 is required at time of registration

Reiki Master Teacher Certification

This course if not only for my current students but those that have Reiki Level 2 and would like to update to Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT). This is a 3 Day Course focusing on the Usui Method but also bringing your my personal techniques that I have grown into over the years to help make this beautiful art of healing your own.
Here is your 3 day Curriculum
Reiki Master Teacher – 3 Days
Day 1
Welcome Students
Time for Catch Up
Opening Meditation
Go over the curriculum
Some Review – History, Symbols, Chakras and other
Using Crystals and Stones with Reiki
Usui Dai Ko Myo – See, Learn and Practice
Lunch (one hour)
Test on Symbol
Explain how attunement works
Advanced Reiki Attunement
Moving Meditation
Write about Experience
Break (15 Minutes)
Seated Reiki Meditation
Aura Clearing (Psychic Surgery) – See, Learn, Practice
Hui Yin Exercise – Practice Violet Breath Exercise for homework
Healing Attunement – Practice Homework
Closing Meditation and Prayer
Day 2
Arch Angel Meditation
Review Hui Yin & Violet Breath
Exchange Reiki using UDKM
Tibetan Symbols – See, Learn, Practice
Lunch (One Hour)
Test on Symbols
Reiki Master Attunement
Write about Experience
Break (15 Minutes)
Reiki Master Healing Session – Walkthrough
Violet Breath – See, Learn, Practice
Healing Attunement with possible Aura Clearing and Reiki Session for deep healing – See, Learn, Practice
Questions and Answers
Review all attunements
Day 3
Violet Flame Meditation
Reiki I Attunement – See, Learn, Practice
Reiki II Attunement – See, Learn, Practice
Lunch (one hour)
Reiki Master Healing Advanced Walkthrough and Exchange
Reiki Master Attunement – Walkthrough
Learn about Self Attunements
Break (15 Minutes)
Cord Cutting
Learn about other types of Attunements
Talk about ways to practice Attunements
Closing Meditation and Prayer – Pathway Clearing
Certification Fee is $550.00 and this course is in person
Registration Deposit is $150.00 and must upon registration to ensure your spot.  
Payments can be made by email transfer to
or call for credit card payment
If you are interested in being a part of a Webinar Training…please message me.

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