Soul Guru, Ayse Hogan


Jun 15 2019 - Jun 16 2019


Classes are from 9-5 both days with breaks and lunch
9:00 am


$350.00 for Deposit and Balance Payment, $325.00 For Payment in Full

EEC Training – Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana EEC Training – Part 1

2 Day Training

This is my own protocol that I have put together and it is constantly growing and maturing. With Part 1 of this 3 Part Training is Release and Change
This course is about release and change…release what keeps us in our darkness and change the beliefs that keeps us tied to the unhealthy behaviours

Dates June 15th & 16th ( Full Days)

  • Identify and Release Unsettled Emotion
  • Find and Reprogram Self Limiting Beliefs
  • Powerful in aiding in the healing of Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Trauma & PTSD
  • Releases Habits, Triggers & Blockages
  • Surrogate Heal for those incapable of Doing the Work
  • Give your client effective, easy and life changing Portable Tools’
  • Use it in your own Self Healing
What you can do is truly without limit. I can guarantee, once they feel the effects of this protocol, all resistance will be washed away.

Location – To Be Announced

Bring your lunches and snacks to class

$350 USD ($50.00 Registration must be paid prior to April 30th and $300 30 Days Prior to Event)
$325.00 USD (Save 25.00 to pay in one payment)

Indiana – EEC Training Part 1

Hourly Schedule

Day 1 - Foundations and How Negative Energy Effects Us, Beginning of Practical Release Work

Day 2 - Practical Release Work Continued; Understanding Self Limiting Beliefs and Practical Work to Change Them

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