Dream Interpretation

Dreams mean different things to different people.  There are no such thing as bad dreams, nightmares or night terrors.  Dreams are a messages that your subconscious and/or energy are sending to you.  When we don’t get the message, they become more attention grabbing.  Once the dream is interpreted and you have received the message, then that particular bad dream stops.  Our subconscious mind communicates in images, symbols and archetypes for the most part, so when we are not listening the images can become stronger hence the “nightmares”.

When one person dreams of being chased and another person also dreams of being chased, it can mean two completely different things.  What that means is dream dictionaries cannot really interpret your dreams because that book is not you and everything that you are.

Ayse Hogan can interpret your dreams using methods such as Muscle Testing and Hypnosis, where we can access the subconscious mind and energy and get those messages that are meant for you.  It’s quick and will allow you sleep easier knowing that dreams are just your subconscious and energy

If you are interested in your dreams being interpreted then the following steps are asked for before you book a Dream Interpretation appointment.

  1. Book your Free 60 minute consultation so we can get to know each other and you can ask any questions that you have about the process
  2. Write down your dream on paper (put a pad of paper and a pencil by your bed and before even turning on  the lights, write down your dream in the dark and don’t worry about how neat is, you can rewrite it after, just get that dream on paper)
  3. Make sure you are hydrated and stay away from caffeine for several hours before your appointment