Diamonds – They last longer than you might think!!

We all know what the conventional meaning of a diamond is, that shiny rock we to get to put on our finger when the person of our dreams proposes marriage…they gets down on one knee and hands you that shiny rock. What does that mean?

Well I would like to give you some different and interesting viewpoints of those shiny little gems.  I have one analogy that I use, but while reading some case studies on Past Life Regression, I ran across another one, that really grabbed me and made me stop and actually say hmmmm.

I use diamonds when I describe LOVE…not the actual diamond, and not the actual feeling of  LOVE…have I confused you??

Just the many “facets” it takes to make a love work, since love will not stand on its own, not the kind of  love that stays and overcomes all obstacles.  We require other facets, for instance; Honesty, Sharing, Friendship, Respect, Caring, Bonding, Understanding, Compassion, etc etc and the facets go on and on.

So yesterday, I was reading Brian Weiss’ book Miracles Happen, and in it he compares the many facets of the diamond, to the many lives we have lived, are living and will live in this dimension and multiple others.  Have I lost you???

Remember the only place that times exists is in this physical body.  Here ‘s a little gem that blew me away…consider for a moment that you are living your pasts, your presents and your futures in this dimension and all others…right now, at this moment…ponder that for a moment. It’s is so fascinating and intriguing!!

Through Past Life Regression, we take that diamond…you…and we shine up those facets, we understand the purposes and lessons from those lifetimes, and are able to utilize them in this lifetime.  We have all said this, “if I only knew then, what I know now”…how about flipping that, how about “utilizing now, what you already learned then”.  Interesting concept, don’t you think??

How many times have we said, why do I always attract the same kind of man???  Why does everything always happen to me??? Why can’t I be enough???  We have asked questions like these of ourselves and thousands more like them.

By connecting to our other lives , we literally allow “Our Past to Heal our Present”.  I have never had such a sense of deep and personal awareness of who I am, and what I am about, until I started going into my past lives.  I have done more healing in the past weeks, then in the past two years, and I have done alot of healing in the past two years.

It can be emotional, from time to time, I’m  not going to lie, but you can return with a gem each and every time, it’s like you’ve got the moral of the story.  I’ve had a number of AHA moments…and you learn and see more than you ever have.   It helps to give you purpose,  not only to this life, but to the past one as well…so amazing!!!  The more I delve into my other lives…the more empowered  and confident I feel now.

Look if you have asked me about this a 6 months ago, before I did it…I may have not fully bought in, and I have always believed in reincarnation my whole life.  Now I would do it everyday…honestly, I can’t think of a better bed time story every night, then the lives I have lived, those lessons that will educate and help me to grow.  Those lessons that help me to find and walk my life’s purpose.

So, I’m picturing all those souls up in the interlife…that time between lives…with all their many, many facets…it’s a veritable diamond mine up there, and it is shiny, beautiful and priceless.

There are so many ways to become self aware and understand who you are, but this method, in my opinion, is by far, a way of quicker advancement.   It’s the closest thing to a miracle that I have experienced in my life, and I can only speak for myself.  Who knew, that I had all the answers that I was looking for, within me?

Took me a few times to learn to “let go”, to trust my feelings and what I was seeing and sensing, but once you can do that…man oh man…awesome. This is not magic…it’s your lives…it’s awesome. What a ride!!!

If you’re interested in giving it a whirl…or have been curious for some time and just never did it.  I’d he honoured to facilitate that learning, that experience for you.  It would be a blessing!!  Remember you are healing yourself, I am the facilitator…I am with you to guide you on your journey!!

Great passion and firm intentions are necessary ingredients to make your journey one that will fill you with knowledge and growth.

May all the best blessings rain down on you!!