Cupping for Cellulite Reduction

So we know that you have probably tried many treatments for your cellulite. There are so many other there but after researching many of them, we realized that they all had one thing in common, they were looking at cellulite as the problem and not the symptom. So what causes this symptom? In all of these methods, you have probably not dealt with the fascia, because cellulite is a fascia problem. It can be found on your legs, your arms, your tummy or anywhere else on your body.

What the heck is a fascia?

It is the connective tissue that runs throughout your whole body. It actually inter plays with all the systems in your body – your nervous system, your circulatory system, your cardiovascular system etc. It’s complicated but for now, all you need to do is think of it as a sticky web like substance, like cotton candy with the properties of plastic wrap, that is attached to everything and everywhere in your body that separates and connects the muscles, organs, bones veins and on and on. Too much information? Maybe, but it is good to understand what is causing the symptom of cellulite among many others in your body.

Now what happens with the plastic wrap get bunched up? Are you understanding where we are going with this? By using cupping and other massage techniques, we are going to begin to unwrap the plastic wrap which then smooths out your skin. Not only will be smoothing out the fascia by using “reverse” massage as one of the techniques but it will increase blood flow, remove toxins and also implement lymphatic drainage. Sounds like a win-win to me. Each session has a cumulative effect on the last one, plus you take home cups that you can then use to continue treatments at home between your sessions.

How to Begin

We begin each series with a consultation to discuss your struggles in this area and put together a proper protocol for you. Your first session includes a consultation so we customize your sessions in the best way possible.

Other Available Cupping Massages

Initial appointment for all massages types begins with a consultation in order to fully understand your struggle, what you’ve tried and what outcome you would like to obtain. In most cases, we also include medical grade silicone cups for you to take home in order to continue the cumulative effects between sessions. This is all about you and getting you the results you have been wanting.

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