Power of Three – Relaxation

Did you know that we are living 50 times more experiences in our lifetime then our ancestors ever did?  In this world of multi-tasking, working long hours, responsibilities in our home life, making time for our relationship and on and on…when and how do you wind down?

Most of my clients suffer with the inability to relax or have a good nights sleep or both.  It’s like we have forgotten how to wind down and rest.  In the following three sections, I will be taking you through;

  1. Daily Practice of Relaxation using Breathing Methods and Hypnosis
  2. Sharing the benefits of Autogenics (aka Body Hypnosis) and taking you through an amazingly wonderful way to not only relax your body but control it
  3. Sleep Hypnosis – We will touch on the importance of sleep and then move into a audio that will take you into a deep hypnotic sleep.

You can either join the Power of Three if these three sessions are enough for you…or…you can choose to become a part of an amazing new Membership called The Gathering where there will be weekly journeys, meditations and hypno-relaxation for various healings will be added weekly for you to be a part of.

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