Surrogacy Healing

When working with Mind, Body and Spirit we are able to not only heal ourselves but others as well. Ayse Hogan uses TWIST, her own blend of holistic healing modalities and has now begun healing those that are not present in the sessions at the request of her clients. What does that mean?
  • Let’s say your child is being bullied, how about healing the bully from a distance and getting the same results as if they were in a session
  • How about healing a loved one that will not ask for help for themselves but you are confident that it would benefit them
  • Working with a loved one that has passed away but you can still feel them around you and feel they are stuck or need help
The key thing to remember here is that we are all energy, whether we are alive or passed, we are still energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed therefore, it is always present. This is just pure Quantum Physics.

No Surrogacy Healing can be done without the permission of the person’s energy and this is obtained through a methodology called Muscle Testing. We all have a Higher Self that wants the best for us, by obtaining permission, the healing work can be done. Even if you think the physical person you want to help would say no, their Higher Self will most probably give permission. Doesn’t hurt to ask, right??

Please Note – This is a compassionate healing and is not done for our own personal gain but only for the highest best for the person we are standing in for.

Surrogacy Healing works through the person’s energy and the person will begin to feel better and not even know why. The healing work is being done through the energy and therefore the body and mind can feel the results meaning they feel better without even knowing why or how it happened.

Here are some instances where Surrogacy Healing would be effective;
  • Want to heal someone because you know they won’t do the work for themselves
  • Work with an Ex-Spouse to help heal the wounds that may have contributed to the marriage ending
  • Work with someone who has passed away and you feel they they have not crossed over, which is more common that you think
  • Help children with depression, self esteem, self worth etc., due to separation or divorce, bullying, getting a new step parent or any other reason that is disturbing your child causing them to act out in ways that are not in their best interest.

The list goes on and on.

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