What Does Shaman Mean?

Shamans have been around for tens of thousands of years and is the oldest spiritual practice, in fact, there is evidence it may even be 80,000 years. They utilize techniques and rituals that have helped humans survive back then and still today. It is not a religion even though it is practised by many religions.

Shamans heal the injured and the sick, perform ceremonies, sing, chant and dance bridging the gap between the living and the dead and are able to communicate with spirit. We can get help from the world of spirit to get the information that we need now.

What are the elements of Self? They are mind, body, emotion and energy (soul spirit). To express our soul is perfectly natural but we always seem to get in our own way. Expressing our soul brings positive changes in our lives. Shamans accept the soul as eternal, since energy cannot be created or destroyed, neither can the soul therefore it seems realistic to assume that soul has purpose. We have a responsibility to express what we have the potential to become as we are part of something so much bigger.

What would be the advantage of seeing a Shaman Practitioner?

• Remedies to assist with various conditions, issues and ailments
• Since a shaman communicates with helping spirits, you are getting the guidance and advice from many instead of only the practitioner
• Connecting you with the ability to heal yourself as no one can be healed or unless they give their complete permission
• Shamans are about experience and therefore teaching you how to journey to connect with your healing spirits in the various realms
• Shamans observe at all levels of being, exploring and utilizing methods of observation other than merely the 5 senses

Popular Power Animal Journey

We all have power animals which is an animal that has chosen us at birth or some phase of our lives to be with us for a long time. Each animal offers its own set of gifts and characteristics. In knowing your animal, it will guide you and can lead you on your journey. Power animals represent a person’s interconnection to all life, their qualities of character and their power, their inner self. Keep in mind that power animals are a tool and not a solution. They give us the power to help ourselves and others.

This is only one of many Journey’s we can go on together to speak to your healing spirits, to heal your own spirit and to get some of the answers you may be looking for such as “What is my Purpose?“.

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