Partners lying face to face gazing into each others eyes.

Sexual Healing & Coaching

      Are you experiencing any of the following;

      • Unhappy with Yourself?
      • Low Libido, Desire or Feeling Empty?
      • Feeling Guilty or Ashamed?
      • Bored with your Sex Life?
      • Scared to Initiate?
      • Unsure about your potential due to Menopause or Chronic Illness?
      • Bored with your Sex Life or Feeling Sexually Disconnected?
      • Use drugs or alcohol to relax?
      • Non-Medical Erectile Dysfunction?
      • Sexual Addicition?

      This is about raw human connection.  Do you require support in dealing with any and all inhibitions, struggles, trauma or fear regardless of your gender or sexual orientation?  Would you like to have the ability to create a bond with the right type of partner for you?

      For example;

      Intercourse is not just a physical act, it must include your mind, body, emotional body and spirit to form the deepest of connections.  Going through the motions is not going to give you the true outcome you want, in fact, it can leave you feeling empty nor can it fill a void in you caused by past trauma.  When "using" sex in this way, you will only experience temporary relief which can lead to an emotional crash afterwards.

      It is time to remove any blocks and triggers so that you can unleash your ability to reveal yourself and sync up with your partner.  Learn to drop any fears or inhibitions around touch, talk or intimacy.  You will learn to be more present and confident in your own body both for yourself and when you share yourself with others.

      Several methodologies are used to facilitate your healing & coaching sessions to clear block, triggers as well as changing any self limiting beliefs that have been instilled deep into your subconscious.

      What changes will happen?

      • Feel energized and turned on in your body
      • Enjoy a positive self image
      • Ability to explore with self intimacy
      • Learn to have a voice
      • Attract attention, feel confidident & build instant rapport
      • All inhibitions, fears & struggles become a distant memory
      • Build lasting relationships
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