Reflexology Packages

Thai Foot Reflexology – 60 minute session

Your Thai Reflexology session will connect to all 7000 nerve endings in your feet to stimulate blood flow and heal your entire body. You will also receive a complete lower leg massage with the healing light of Reiki. This is truly a relaxing and rejuvenating gift you won’t want to miss out on. For gift giving joy, treat yourself and your loved ones to a Thai Reflexology healing experience.

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1.5 hour Grounding Harmony (Foot Reflexology Plus) 

This special foot reflexology massage as outlined above also includes a direct Reiki treatment on your 3 lower Chakras, a seated back massage, and a reflexology massage of your hands and arms.  This is like 2 body massages in one as we work through your hands and your feet.

1.5  hour Crowning Rapture (Head Massage Plus) 

Heal yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. Enjoy a complete head massage of your face and ears, with essential oils to treat your scalp and hair as well as completely relax your mind, body and spirit. You will get an arm massage and reflexology massage of the hands as well as you will receive Reiki of your 7 main Chakras to align your nervous system and balance your energy. This is not to be missed.

2 Hour OMG!!! Session 

Bathe yourself in joy and tremendous healing with the works, a head to toe healing massage and relaxation session, using almost all of the methods listed above. You will feel complete, whole, balanced and harmonized throughout your body, mind and spirit: A true OMG experience! This is a treat you won’t want to miss and would make an awesome gift for a loved one who needs full relaxation and time to connect and just be.



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