Clearing the Clutter – Stop Hoarding Walnuts

Hoarding Walnuts

One of my favourite nuts in the world is walnuts, love hearing the sound of cracking them and love the taste.  Now many of my clients that come to me have never experienced working with their energy or their spirit and don’t fully understand the healings that I facilitate.  One of the gifts I received from my father was the ability to make the ideas and thoughts I want to portray, easy to understand.

So when explaining energy blockages to my clients, I use the visual portrait of a hoarder.  Those people that fill their homes with stuff, all the way up the rafters, until it becomes severely unhealthy and there is no functionality.   We do the same things to ourselves as throughout our lives we have drama, trauma, negative experiences of one sort or another, come in contact with negative people and are judgemental of others and ourselves.  We fill ourselves with negative energy blocks until we become unhealthy, unproductive and begins to manifest in issues such as depression, victimization and can even go as far as fibromyalgia or other ailments.  If the clutter is not cleared, this will lead into issues you don’t need to deal with and will hamper your quality of life.

Now let’s talk walnuts.  Imagine that every single negative situation that you have ever been in, as a walnut.  Now many of us walk around holding onto our sack of walnuts and it just gets bigger and bigger until it is far too heavy to carry becoming a true burden.  What most of us don’t realize is, all we have to, is put down the sack…crack open the walnuts and eat the nut and throw away the shells.  The nut is the lesson to be learned from that experience, the nut is the knowledge that we need to keep and use to grow, the shell is the hardship, the pain, the hurt, the part we do not need and can be thrown away to be recycled by the earth.  Each experience yields a lesson…that is what we need and that is all we need to teach us so that we can move on.

So why are you carrying around all those walnuts?

Put down the sack, you know what to do.  If you are not sure how, find someone who can help you, someone like me or another energy holistic healer, someone who can help you eat the nuts and discard the shells.