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Benefits of Sandalwood Oil

Welcome to #WTF-Wednesdays…the W can stand for What, Who, Where and Why. Today the W will stand for What as in WTF is Sandalwood Oil and what are its benefits. First let me tell you a bit about it. Sandalwood oil is steam distilled from mature sandalwood trees, usually between the ages of 40-80 years old; however, the older the better because closer to 80 years old the tree will yield more oil and that rich wonderful aroma will be stronger.

There are 3 types of Sandalwood oil
1- Indian Sandalwood which is unfortunately almost extinct and very expensive but has tons of benefits
2-Hawaiian Sandalwood which is also quite expensive and also has a huge number of benefits
3-Australian Sandalwood which has very little benefits but is more commercially used because it is less expensive so be aware when you are purchasing your oil.

In the Hindu religion, it is considered a very holy oil and it is rare to find any kind of religious ceremony or ritual carried out without this particular oil.

Ok so now to the juicy benefits of this wonderful oil
It is used in a wide variety of ways such as medicines, beauty treatments, deodorizer of all kinds and can be taken orally or topically.

That being said be sure to use it with a carrier oil or inside a liquid such water or milk…preferably non dairy.
It can be used as an antiseptic when ingested and has the ability to protects wounds and ulcers from infection and from going septic. When used topically it has the same effect and can be used on sores, wounds, pimples etc.

Can be used as an anti-inflammatory for all sorts of systems in the body especially the nervous and circulatory systems. Provides relief from swelling in the brain, bloating or inflamed bowel or elimination systems and inflammation anywhere caused by fevers, side effects from anti-biotics, poisoning, insect bites and on and on and on

It is an Anti-spasmadic and relaxes nerves, muscles, and blood vessels
As an astringent, it even aids in strengthening the hold your gums have on your teeth…psst…not to mention it is a great mouth deodorizer as well.
So here are some more quick benefits
Helps scars heal faster
Helps to remove gas from the body and helps to prevent more gas from being created
The aroma keeps small insects and microbes away so burn some incense in your house
Treats coughs when taken with milk…I suggest almond or cashew
Fights viral infections…remember anti-biotics cannot penetrate the cells but essential oils can
Will also reduce blood pressure
It is a memory booster
Has sedation properties

One more time…the is oil has little to no side effects however, should not be used raw and should be mixed with a carrier oil or ingested with with an oil, water, milk…non dairy.

Enjoy the benefits of this great oil. I create a lot of customized blends for my clients for their various ailments and issues, please feel free to contact me if you would like me to make something for you.

Have a great day and thanks for listening. Please check out my website www.thechakrahouseofhealing.com or book your free consultation.