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Benefits of Reiki for Pregnant Women and Babies

Let’s start this blog with a brief explanation of what Reiki is.  Reiki is an ancient healing art, where the universal energy is fuelled by the power of intention.  Reiki mean “universal life force”. Healing using the “laying on of the hands”.

Reiki is a gentle holistic practice that brings balance, healing and harmonizing to the mind, body and spirit. It is non-invasive, safe, gentle and has no side effects. It can never harm and knows what is needed and will adjust itself accordingly. It treats ailments without using pressure, manipulation or massage instead it utilizes the transfer of energy, which will allow the body to clear itself, leaving one lighter, healthier and happier.

The unborn child gets everything from the mother during his or her development, good and bad.  The child also shares the mothers experiences on an energetic level as well.  So if the mother is stressed out, depressed or going through any negative situations, the child is sharing her energy, therefore providing the mother and the child with Reiki is a wonderful way to ensure that mother and child are cleansed, balanced and harmonized on an energetic level.  Children should have the gift of entering this world completely fresh, new and clean.  Free of any low vibrations not only during the pregnancy, but anything that they may have brought with them from a past experience.

Here are few more benefits for both mother and child;

  • Strengthens the bond between mother and baby
  • Aids in the many illness for the mother and the unborn child during and after pregnancy
  • Ability to make the delivery of the child easier
  • Contributes to the production to additional breast milk which then means the baby will be able to suckle longer and therefore sleep through the night
  • Eases the physical discomfort of the mother during pregnancy as well as reducing exhaustion, nausea, anxiety and sleep problems
  • Provides emotional support for the mother
  • Protects and supports the unborn baby
  • Aids in the recovery of Post Natal Depression
  • Helps the baby stay happy and healthy
  • Reduces and releases fears connected to all stages of pregnancy
  • Contributes to the development and growth that may be impacted by mothers malnutrition

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