Ayse’s Picks are books that have empowered her growth and aided her on her personal journey. She references many of these titles in her practice and is thrilled to share them with you.

She will be adding a new book to site frequently to empower, enlighten and educate you, to give you some new ways of seeing your world.

The Master of Love is an amazing read.

It stresses the importance of loving yourself and the growth you can attain from it. It outlines how very difficult we make our lives and how simple it can truly be. After reading this book, my first thought was, as a race we are going in the wrong direction and was shocked at how hard we make it for ourselves, for those we love and for the world.

A true “have to” read written by Don Miguel Ruiz.

This book talks about our Inner Critic, our Voice of “so called” Knowledge, that voice that abuses us in ways that we would never abuse another human being. This book lets you know that you are not a victim to that voice and tips on how to silence it. If you are on your spiritual journey, this is a book that you must read.

So now I want to share another amazing book by Don Miguel Ruiz about how to deal with and quiet our inner critic.

This book outlines how to start focusing on what your are vs. what you are not. This is one of those books to have in your library and read over and over, you will be glad you purchased this book.

This is a great Djembe Starter Drum for those that aren’t sure.

I have a similar one in black that I still use and will eventually move up to a large size but this is a great starter and very reasonably priced.

This book, Toxic Parents by Dr Susan Forward is one of the first books I ever read.

It allowed me to understand and comprehend that the abusers also have a story. That horrible things may have happened to them and perhaps they can’t give you what they don’t have in them. She shares many case studies and it was a very deep and enlightening book for me in that respect.

This book is funny and relateable and as you read it, you will be checking off all the mistakes you are guilty of.

It is a must read. Men who Love Bitches is awesome and not what you may think it is. Men are hunters and they love the challenge, when women change who the man was attracted to in the beginning to become his caretaker instead of that woman he was interested in to begin with, women set themselves up to lose themselves and lose their own inner happiness.

Energy testing is a great way to find out what is limiting you and what is holding you back.

It shows you how to speak with your energy and your body and make the necessary changes to clear self limiting beliefs. It is informative and life changing.

These are great for those of you that want a some more fun drumming and to add a new sound or can’t afford a Djembe but still want to go to drumming circles.

It’s alot of fun

I have not found a book out there that has much information about Chakra’s as this book.

It is extensive and I use it like my chakra bible, not only does it discuss the in body chakras but also the out of body, the anatomy of the Chakra and the purpose for its different sides etc. Great book!


If you are having difficulties with Anger…this is a definite read!

It is powerful and written by the grandson of Ghandi, the book is filled with tips as well as the benefits of Anger. It is truly a wonderful book.

This book has been one of my bibles.

I read this book 7 times in 3 months and I think it is time for another read. I learn something new everytime.

This is awesome…love it. I can work between clients and the hours I spend on the computer can be put to good use. Merry Christmas to me!!

How did I not know about this sooner…love this. I can even do my shadowboxing on here and no pain in my ankle injuries