“It took me until my mid 40’s to begin my healing and find my true calling. It’s never too late to step into your power!”

– Ayse

I’m Ayse Hogan and I am The Guru Hypnotist, I promise to aid you in Overcoming the Challenges & Struggles that hold you back.

I am a passionate person, bursting to share how complementary holistic and alternative healing methodologies, including my own Enhanced Energy Communication Protocol, can help you rise above seemingly insurmountable challenges holding you back from living the joy-filled life you desire and deserve.

As humans we are multi-faceted with many levels.  Understanding this and working with all those levels is where the permanent healing will happen.

Enhanced Energy Communication as an Integrative Neuroplasty Technique that works on all of your multi-levels of mind, body and energy.  This technique is highly versatile and customized for each person, as each of us is unique.

My reward has been guiding and facilitating healing for hundreds of clients all over the globe.  Concerns about working online? Not to worry, after your complimentary, no-obligation chat with me, face-to-face on video, you will experience just how easy and convenient it is.  Of course, there is always the option of coming into the clinic.

I am absolutely thrilled to show you how to step into your power and learn how to exercise it over your mind, body and spirit.  We will work together as a team to eliminate the root cause of your struggles and challenges since focusing on symptoms is much like putting a band-aid on a gun shot wound.


Interested in hearing from my clients?  There are testimonials and interviews scattered throughout the site.  Take a moment and listen to how one client has put a 25 year struggle with Fibromyalgia in the past and how another no long is challenged with rage so severe, she would black out.   Ready to step into your Power?  If the answer is Yes, then its time to book that Complimentary Chat with me now.