master practice

A Master’s Practice – The Secrets to Freedom & Transformation

Dr. Ayse Hogan invites you to join her on A Master’s Practice as she takes you on a journey through holistic & spiritual terms, ideas, phrases, knowledge, and information that we have heard and flips it on its head to see it in a new and innovative way.

She will have you looking at your life in new ways and in a truly “wholistic” manner.  Dr. Hogan has an understanding of “what” and “who”  we are and therefore “how” you can reach your desired outcome.

“The biggest challenge is ourselves, we think we are acting in our own best interests, but over 90% of us are living our lives on a runaway train, victims to circumstance and can’t seem to gain control that we may have never had in the first place to step off the train and walk down the path to our potential”.

On A Master’s Practice, Ayse Hogan will be interviewing guests, teaching you concepts in new and ingenious ways, and each show will bring you a tip or strategy that you can bring into your life immediately.

A Master’s Practice – Radio  Show

Lighting Up The Devil – Taking Control of Your Life

Dr. Ayse Hogan will be interviewing the Devil,  aka Inner Critic/Ego/Lucifer.  In her travels, she has found a Talisman that forces the Devil to answer all of her questions.  In this series, she will be outlining how the Devil rules most of the population with all the facets of fear and control every day of their lives.  Find out the Devil’s secrets and games in this entertaining yet very interesting look at this side of ourselves.  It’s time to take off the mask and shed the Devil’s dirty little secrets.