Welcome to The Chakra House of Healing

Let’s spend an hour chatting over tea whether it is Online or In-House so we can discuss your journey

Gives you the opportunity to discuss your needs, hear about all the methodologies that will be used to move you forward and allow you to ask all the questions that you have. This is the first step towards Freedom from your Struggles! Change your life, change your mindset, change your story!!

Not all of our scars are visible, but just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. In fact, your scars may be the most real things in your life at this moment and chances are they are not allowing you to be the best version of yourself.  Also, because of these scars, you may not even know how awesome you really are.

What if I said you no longer need to be a victim of negative feelings, hurtful emotions, unsettling dreams, frightening flashbacks, fears or unhealthy behaviours? You’re not alone. Find out who you really are by getting rid of all the unproductive, negative and self-defeating clutter, permanently.

At The Chakra House of Healing with Soul Guru, Ayse Hogan is where you will learn to let go of negative feelings, attitudes and the blocks or triggers that prevent you from finding your purpose and your path forward. Ayse Hogan will transform you using various methodologies that she has called TWIST© in order to create customized sessions for you.

At The Chakra House of Healing we can help you deal with:

  • PTSD, Depression, Anxiety
  • Fears, Phobias
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain
  • Unhealthy Behaviours
  • Anger Management & Elimination
  • Performance Struggles
  • Sexual Challenges

Ayse will  show you how to love and respect yourself and so much more. As humans, what effects us, effects all layers of us beginning with our energy, then into our body and our mind.  So in order to heal forever, all layers have be worked with, not just one.

At The Chakra House of Healing, Ayse utilizes a blend of modalities called TWIST to guide you through your healing.

Book your 60-Minute Free Tea and a Chat that can be either In House or or Online and together we will begin to release, reintegrate, change and retrieve all the parts of you…are you ready to start now?

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Ayse Hogan is proud to share her Clinic located in Southampton, Ontario. See her virtual tour and we hope you enjoy it.

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