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Free yourself from the pain, trauma or emotional set backs in your life.

Chakra House of Healing provides highly effective holistic solutions that addresses emotional and traumatic conditions as PTSD, Depression, Anxiety Fears, Phobias, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain, Unhealthy Behaviours, Rage Elimination and many more.


I will help you to Overcome the Challenges & Struggles that hold you back…

Enhanced Energy Communication as an Integrative Neuroplasty Technique that works on all of your multi-levels of mind, body and energy.  This technique is highly versatile and customized for each person, as each of us is unique.

After working with hundreds of clients all over the world for the past several years, I am confident that after your complimentary, no-obligation consultation with me, you will feel confident that I will bring you the difference you have been searching for.

I’m excited to teach you how to harness the transformational power of self-healing! I will guide you through the puzzle that is you, as we dispel the root causes of the symptoms that are challenging you.

The results of my work are best seen through the experiences of my clients. You will find their stories throughout this site, that will encourage you to not give up hope.  Schedule a free consultation to explore how learning the power of self-healing can change your life too.

  • What if you could move more freely and feel stronger? What if there was a way to prove that you can leave the pain, discomfort, fear and uncertainty that accompanies your struggles behind? What if you were back in complete control of your life again?

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How does Enhanced Energy
Communication work?

What happens during your
Complimentary Consultation?

“I met Ayse a year ago at The Chakra House of Healing to discuss strategies to help with fibromyalgia. Her knowledge and compassion impressed me immediately. Her holistic approach to illness really opened my eyes and her insights into healing have been incredible.

Using various modalities, she started me down the path to recovery and over the course of my journey I have left the pain of fibro behind. I am eternally grateful and would recommend her to anyone that is serious about being their best.”

Darren C.

These clients share their first-hand experiences… have a listen!

Be Rid of Anger Once and For All

In this interview with one of my clients we go through the steps we took in her healing her struggles with rage. If this sounds like you, then perhaps it is time to take the next step and be rid of your rage once and for all.


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Eliminating Fibromyalgia… that’s right, you heard me!

People have been plagued with this struggle unnecessarily. There is a way out of this. I am interviewing one of my clients that was challenged with the “F” word for over 25 years.


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