There’s a New Awakened Hero in the World…

and it is You!!

Each of us has our own Super Power and our own Purpose.  Are you ready to make an impact in your own life and perhaps even humanity?

This is for you because you are ready to take responsibility for you health.  You are ready to discover your superpower(s) and make a massive impact on your life and the lives of the people around you by becoming an expert of your purpose

You  are ready to become the Awakened Hero of your life story.  

I believe that you have a unique life story to tell and life lessons to teach and share.  These life lessons will lead you to your innate superpower and then to your purpose.  That purpose will create a huge change and shift in your life and perhaps even humanity.


As a Transformational Guru and Coach and I believe that each person’s unique life story & lessons will lead them to their genuine superpowers and their life’s purpose.  

Step one is taking responsibility for your health.  As humans we are multi-faceted and the only way to truly heal, is to work with all those facets.

This is for you because you are ready to stop the internal drama.  You are ready to become unstuck in your life and move forward with positive, empowering decisions.  This is for you  because you are ready to learn and you have something to teach.  You have a life purpose that is unique to you and you are ready to walk that path.  
This is for you because you have passion, power and inspiration to share
This is for you because you don’t want to just take your power back but you are ready to locate the reserves you didn’t even know you had.

l have put together an arsenal of my own tools, techniques and protocols to get you there.  Why?  Because my purpose is to be a catalyst, to aid anyone who is ready to theirs.  My arsenal includes protocols that will work deep, through all your layers and bring you out the other side more whole than you have ever felt before, and that is my promise to you.

I facilitate my integrative techniques world wide.  The best part is you can work with me from wherever you are.

It thrills and excites me to show you how to step into your power and learn how to exercise it over your mind, body and spirit.  We will work together as a super-team to eliminate the root cause of your struggles and challenges  that block you from being the Awakened Hero and expert of your life.  Up until now you may have focused on the symptoms, well focusing on symptoms is like putting a band-aid on a gun shot wound.

Interested in hearing from my clients?  There are testimonials and interviews scattered throughout the site.  Take a moment and listen to how one client has put a 25 year struggle with Fibromyalgia in the past and how another no long is challenged with rage so severe, she would black out.   Ready to step into your Power?  If the answer is Yes, then its time to book that Complimentary Hero Strategy Session  with me now.

You are the NEW AWAKENED HERO and you WILL make an IMPACT!!

  • I can show you how to step into your confidence, your strength, your happiness and your self love. You can take responsibility of your health, as well as all other aspects of your life! You can gain control of your life and become the hero of your story by preserving all the positive lessons and implementing your healing.






“I met Ayse a year ago at The Chakra House of Healing to discuss strategies to help with fibromyalgia. Her knowledge and compassion impressed me immediately. Her holistic approach to illness really opened my eyes and her insights into healing have been incredible.

Using various modalities, she started me down the path to recovery and over the course of my journey I have left the pain of fibro behind. I am eternally grateful and would recommend her to anyone that is serious about being their best.”

Darren C.

These clients share their first-hand experiences… have a listen!

Be Rid of Anger Once and For All

In this interview with one of my clients we go through the steps we took in her healing her struggles with rage. If this sounds like you, then perhaps it is time to take the next step and be rid of your rage once and for all.


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Eliminating Fibromyalgia… that’s right, you heard me!

People have been plagued with this struggle unnecessarily. There is a way out of this. I am interviewing one of my clients that was challenged with the “F” word for over 25 years.


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