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Big News!
We are happy to announce that all sessions with Ayse Hogan can be had either Online wherever you are or In-Clinic. It’s your preference.  
The Chakra House of Healing is moving the clinic to Southampton, Ontario January 6th and closing it’s Burlington location on January 19th, 2017.  


Not all of our scars are visible, but just because we can’t see them does not mean they don’t exist. In fact, your scars may be the most real things in your life at this moment. Are they holding you back?

What if I said you no longer need to be a victim of negative feelings, hurtful emotions, unsettling dreams, frightening flashbacks, fears or unhealthy behaviours? You’re not alone. Find out who you really are by getting rid of all the unproductive, negative and self-defeating clutter, permanently.

The Chakra House of Healing is where you will learn to let go of negative feelings, attitudes and the blocks or triggers that prevent you from finding your purpose and your path forward.  Ayse Hogan works with Behavioural Modification and Belief Change and various other modalities that she has called TWIST© in order to create customized sessions for you.

At The Chakra House of Healing we can help you deal with:

• PTSD, Stress, TraumaIMG_0045
• Anxiety, Fears
• Unhealthy Behaviours
• Performance Struggles and Sexual Dysfunction

We’ll show you how to love and respect yourself and so much more …and the bonus is, it has been quicker and more effective than talk therapy alone.

At The Chakra House of Healing, we use a blend of modalities called TWIST to guide you through your healing.

Book your 60-Minute Free Consultation that can be either in person or by video and together we will begin to release the triggers that are holding you back…are you ready to start now?


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photo-1438212734438-5d1dd78afeeeSolution to the Resolution – Release the Weight

Tired of trying every diet out there? You lose some weight, then you put it back on. If this sounds like you, then don’t miss out on our Solution to the Resolution Event to Release the Weight being held January 9th, 2017 at 630 pm at the Appleby United Church – 4407 Spruce Avenue, Burlington, Ontario  

Behavioural Modification & Belief Change Coach, Ayse Hogan, is holding a group hypnosis session for those in the Burlington and surrounding areas to join together and Release the Weight. She uses a proven and guaranteed method that reprograms your subconscious to begin shedding that excess weight. At the same time, Ayse will help modify your habits when it comes to food, so you can keep that weight off!

It is time to enjoy the Benefits of Being the You that You WANT and CAN be.  Here are just a few Benefits;

  • Greater Mobility
  • Self Confidence 
  • Self Esteem 
  • Self Love
  • Freedom to wear the clothes you like
  • Better Professional Image

This group session is only $89.00 and Guaranteed For One Year You have nothing to lose, except the weight. If you are interested in a private session, book a consultation through our online booking system for $249

Click here to get your advance tickets for The Solution to the Resolution – Release the Weight 

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Ayse Hogan is proud to share her journey of morning her practice to Southampton.  She works with her clients both online and in clinic and is thrilled to share her life changing journey with you.  Check out Part 1 and don’t be shy to subscribe to her Youtube Channel

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